3 HERE Technologies to Leverage in Geomarketing

July 25, 2023

Whether or not you’re in the geomarketing industry, you’ve probably been involved in geomarketing without even realizing it. Simply by being in a certain area, you may have been counted as one of the many citizens in a 10-mile radius who could benefit from a new grocery store. Maybe your go-to gas station is the go-to for thousands of others, and you’ve inadvertently helped the gas company and their vendors realize that this location remains a great spot to do business.

Geomarketing, as the name suggests, is marketing that uses geographic attributes. Mailing coupons to people who reside within 20 miles of a business…getting a person to install a business’s app on their phone, and pinging them with a coupon when they’re within a few miles of the store – the uses are nearly endless.

Businesses leverage HERE map location intelligence to seamlessly provide unique user experiences and generate sales based on tailored ads, product information, and other content. But incorrect data or an interface that’s difficult to understand can trip this up. That’s why it’s important for any business that intends to implement geomarketing to have exceptional tools at their disposal. 

Let’s go over three must-have geomarketing solutions for any business looking to find success.

HERE Geocoding & Search

HERE Geocoding and Search incorporate features from products previously known as HERE Geocoder API and HERE Places (Search) API, which transitioned to this new iteration between 2022 and early 2023.

Three sub-products fall under HERE Geocoding & Search: Geocoding & Search API, Batch Geocoder API and Geofencing API.

With Geocoding & Search API, you’re able to create applications you can use to search for such items as points of interest, geo-positions and forward/reverse geocode addresses within a HERE map. Points of interest are the primary benefit with this product, as marketers can determine actual locations people care about, as well as determine what exactly that point of interest is (e.g., a bank versus a retail establishment).

Batch Geocoder API lets you take huge sets of data and reverse geocode it more easily. Geofencing API is an asset tracker that checks to see if certain assets are in a specific geographic location. That, as an example, can be used to locate marketing teams that are hitting the streets at expos or otherwise move marketing assets around more strategically.

HERE Essential Map

It’s not called “Essential” for nothing. This is your foundation on which to build more data. This two-dimensional map includes roads, street names, address ranges, information about how land is used, building footprints and more. HERE Essential Map offers plenty of useful geographic information as a starting point for marketers.

HERE Advanced Map

Advanced Map includes the features found in Essential Map but takes everything to the next level, building out maps to offer the deepest details currently available and including everything needed for routing and navigation. If Essential Map isn’t quite enough, Advanced Map should do the trick.

Many data add-ons are available with HERE Essential Map and Advanced Map that geomarketers may find helpful, including Point Addressing, Traffic Patterns and Places Footprints. These add-ons allow for finding exact locations, digging into historical traffic data and finding points of interest located within multi-purpose buildings, such as stadiums.

What’s in it for Your Organization

With high-quality HERE map data as the foundation, these products are designed to give your business geomarketing applications that help you:

  • Analyze, model and display geographic, demographic, census and behavioral data
  • Make confident decisions regarding market analysis, customer prospecting and segmentation
  • Better define and analyze sales territories
  • Identify and select beneficial commercial and retail sites
  • Send localized and personalized ads to customers and prospects
  • Determine radiuses or polygons of where you want to market — and where you don’t

Whenever using these products, services and data, be sure it’s always in compliance with current privacy laws and regulations. Plus, ensuring that users opt-in and are aware of any use of their location data for such purposes is crucial in avoiding trouble down the line.

HERE Map Data Handbook

We’re just scratching the surface of what’s possible with HERE and geomarketing — among many other location-based services you can take advantage of. 

If you’re looking for a great place to start, HERE Essential Map in particular serves as a solid foundation on which to start building. To dig even further into what HERE map data has to offer, please click the link below to access our eBook, HERE Map Data: A Comprehensive Overview.

HERE Map Data Guide

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