HERE Tools: What You Need for App Building & Location Services


With online and offline capabilities, HERE SDK gives you advanced location services that include customized maps, truck routing, in-vehicle navigation, maps designed just for fleets, historical traffic patterns and more.
HERE SDK is offered in three different variations.

Lite Edition

Quickly integrate location features and custom maps into other applications with certain limitations on ROM capabilities and rendering.

Explore Edition

Explore Edition is tailored to high-end devices and offers multiple map view scenarios, 3D camera control, controlling the draw order of map layers and an integrated tool chain to customize maps.

Navigate Edition

The Navigation Edition takes the Explore Edition and adds turn-by-turn navigation. Premium features exclusively available: advanced HERE positioning, turn-by-turn-navigation, private venues, offline map data as downloadable countries or regions, offline search and offline routing.


HERE Workspace

HERE Workspace is a platform that lets you build location-based applications and services securely and with easy-to-use automated tools. With Workspace, you can even scale operations by creating your map and rolling it out to everyone who needs it simultaneously. Workspace also allows you to manage who has access to map data, ensuring it remains secure.
HERE Workspace provides:


Location & Spatial Context


Navigation Customization & Optimization


Location Tools Integration

ADCI Knows HERE Products


With ADCi as your partner, we'll assist you in finding and setting up the right HERE license your business requires. Whether you’re in need of the vast features and offline capabilities HERE SDK offers or the building functionalities of HERE Workspace, ADCi knows HERE products and services inside and out and can select and install the best license for the job.

3 Key Benefits for App Developers

HERE Developer Tools

Powerful and practical, HERE Developer Tools give app developers advantages in areas that impact their app builds — and outcomes.