Location Services from an Industry Leader


HERE Technologies can be tapped into to help your business grow with various HERE Location Services, which intelligently integrate HERE’s map data into a number of different services for different industries.

API Services

HERE Map Rendering
  • HERE Vector Tile API: Request vector tiles that contain data from the HERE platform
  • HERE Maps API for JavaScript: Programming interfaces that let you build web applications featuring interactive HERE Maps
HERE Routing
  • HERE Routing API: Get route calculations between two or more locations for different regions in the world
  • HERE Isoline Routing API: Find all the destinations you can reach in a set amount of time, plus maximum travel distance
  • HERE Matrix Routing API: Use this to calculate routing matrices, travel times and travel distances for up to 10,000 origins and destinations
  • HERE Waypoints Sequence API: Find out which waypoints on your journey are worth visiting, and determine the order in which they should be visited
HERE Geocoding & Search
  • HERE Geocoding & Search API: Create applications for users to search for points of interest, forward/reverse geocode addresses, and geo-positions within the HERE map
  • HERE Batch Geocoder API: Geocode and reverse geocode huge sets of data more easily
  • HERE Geofencing API: Track assets and see if they’re in certain geographic areas
HERE Tour Planning
  • HERE Tour Planning API: Optimize routes for multiple vehicles that’ll be touring different locations while accounting for real-world limits, such as capacity and delivery time
HERE Positioning
  • HERE Network Positioning API: Use radio network data to build applications requiring location estimates. (Note: Familiarity with relevant cellular and WLAN technologies is required)
  • HERE HD GNSS Positioning & HERE A GNSS Positioning: This cloud-based service allows sub-meter positioning for mobile devices to offer improved overall position accuracy
HERE Transit
  • HERE Public Transit API: Find public transit options using public and agency data
  • HERE Intermodal Routing API: Combining four transport types (vehicle, transit, taxi, rented), Intermodal Routing API provides a better routing experience for cities
HERE Map Attributes
  • HERE Map Attributes API: Get core map data in a detailed, layered format
HERE Route Matching
  • HERE Route Matching API: Match GPS traces to their corresponding roads and access map attributes on driven paths and analyze driving reports


Asset Management

Use the HERE APIs to reverse geocode your assets to display its location, calculate routes, derive analytics and provide safety alerts.

Location Mapping

The HERE APIs can be used to view maps, calculate routes and perform location searches.

With ADCi as Your Partner

We'll Assist You in Finding and Setting Up the Right HERE License Your Business Requires


Do your drivers need to find the best route for delivery? Does your fleet need to know where to locate their customers? Are you in charge of keeping track of assets on the factory floor? Whatever the case may be, our experts know HERE products and services inside and out and can select and install the best license for the job.

To help guide you along the way, we’ve created a handy guide called Should I License Map Data Or a Map API Platform? In it, you’ll learn how to leverage each one based on a number of factors, including security and speed. Click below to access your free copy today, and please feel free to call us with any questions.


HERE Data Hub Pro

Knowing map and location data immediately is critical to the success of many industries — especially those with fleets or delivery drivers. With HERE Data Hub, you can access and manage large amounts of location and map data, and provide a quick analysis of what that data means and how you can use it to further your objectives.
HERE Data Hub Pro allows you to access and edit data on the go, with all changes reflected immediately. It can integrate with your existing tools, making for a shorter learning curve and faster implementation. 
HERE Data Hub Pro lets you:


Control Huge Datasets


Create Data Visualizations


Your Data


Build Apps Using Your Data

HERE differentiates itself from other APIs in a number of ways, and you can get an in-depth look at how the HERE Location Services differ from other APIs when you read our fact sheet, What Sets HERE Location Services Apart From Other Mapping APIs? We invite you to click the link below to access your free copy today.

What Sets HERE Location Services Apart From

Other Mapping APIs?

There’s no need to provide a mediocre location-based experience when you can transform your digital mapping performance!