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4 Facts About File Geodatabase and Shapefile That Nobody Told You

January 18, 2022

Shapefile was created by Esri and is used for storing spatial data. As the need for and availability of more geographical data grew, file geodatabase arrived, which offered more capabilities than its predecessor in a few areas, including allowing [...]

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Why GIS Mapping Using Drones Is the Way of the Future

December 21, 2021

Drones have been an increasingly hot topic over the past several years. From recreational activities to proposed uses for delivering goods to consumers, drones have changed what’s possible through the air.

That, of course, includes changes to GIS [...]

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5 Unexpected Ways Location-Based Services Benefit Businesses

November 23, 2021

On average, Americans check their smartphones 96 times per day.1 That’s roughly once every 10 minutes!

With so many eyes on smartphones so frequently, the question becomes what people are looking at. Location-based services fuel some of that [...]

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Mobility Analysis: Revealing Growth Opportunities Through Traffic Data

October 19, 2021

Digital mapping is integral to the success of many aspects of industry. GIS professionals depend on the tools and data to enhance supply chain mapping, asset tracking, and other everyday operations.

Mobility analysis is key. Without it, capturing [...]

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IoT Asset Tracking Helps Companies Save Money in 3 Key Areas

September 21, 2021

The Internet of Things (IoT) is ubiquitous. Homes and vehicles are getting as smart as phones in a market currently estimated to be worth in excess of $212 billion.1

IoT solutions have also captured the attention — and dollars — of companies. In [...]

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How GIS Benefits from Machine Learning and Deep Learning

August 24, 2021
Machine learning vs deep learning AI

Big Data is a big deal. Vast, complex data sets gleaned from networks of connectivity points contain valuable information that is rapidly changing how business is done. Individuals are also impacted by Big Data. Without it, many technological [...]

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Why Supply Chain Mapping Is Critical in 2021

July 20, 2021

Once touted as value-added competitive advantages among manufacturers, technologies like digital supply chain mapping are now essential tools for operations management. Speed, responsiveness, sustainability, risk management, and cost control all [...]

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3 Value-Adds to Look for in a GIS Data Provider

June 22, 2021
GIS Data Partner

In the Digital Age, data defines the experience. For advanced digital mapping, data quality and format are non-negotiables. Without this basic level of consistency, there’s a substantial risk for catastrophic error, not to mention the work [...]

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Accessing Speed Limit Data via HERE Location Services

May 18, 2021
Speed Limit Data

When your mapping application is enabled by HERE Location Services, it can do much more than track a GPS signal or provide routing information.

Comprehensive and fully integrated HERE APIs enable robust features and functionality within HERE [...]

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