Map Data & More: The Most Insightful ADCi Blogs from 2023

December 12, 2023

The team at ADCi is grateful for another year of providing businesses with mission-critical location and GIS products and services, and we’re eager to continue offering insights through our blog. As 2023 appears in the rearview mirror, we want to take a look back at some of our best blogs of the year. 

Top 3 Blogs of 2023

Digital Map Data That Work with Truck Routing Software

Everyone shares the road with truckers, but they face a different path than most commuters. Truck drivers must be aware of regulations beyond the traffic lines and speed limits — and even speed limits can be different for truckers. Map data must provide everything a truck driver needs on their routes.

Height and weight restrictions, rest stops and roadblocks are just a few of the many concerns truckers deal with on a daily basis. If they’re not given all the necessary data, not only might their safety be at risk, but they could wind up unknowingly breaking regulations and costing themselves and their company thousands of dollars in fines.

So, what digital map data can fleet managers and delivery services turn to, and how will they benefit? We explore all the details you need in this blog entry. Click the link to read the complete article.

Digital Map Data That Work with Truck Routing Software

Location Intelligence: Geospatial Data & Modern Applications

Consumers are no longer thrilled by real-time order tracking – they demand it. And that’s made possible through advancements in location intelligence and geospatial data.

Traditionally, satellites and airplanes gathered geographical data for the world. While they’ll still be crucial for such information, today, that data is also gathered by drones and newer automobiles. This means more granular detail, which is good for business.

Which businesses? Maybe more than you realize! Of course, it’s helpful for some of the more obvious ones, such as meteorology, real estate, emergency services and merchants that deliver products. But did you know that healthcare and insurance companies also use this data to fuel their business decisions? See the full article to learn how.

Location Intelligence: Geospatial Data & Modern Applications

How GIS Benefits the Insurance Industry

Did we say “insurance?” Yes — the insurance industry (health, auto, property) has so much use for location and map data that we wanted to take a deeper dive into the topic this year.

Risk assessment and location accuracy are the primary benefits all insurance companies gain. They use geographical information to determine how risky it is for certain events to occur in a given area. For example, a high-traffic city that sees frequent car accidents. That information helps determine premium costs for their customers.

Location accuracy is crucial for any insurance company to verify they’re charging the correct rates and giving discounts (e.g., safe driving) as advertised. Even health insurers count on precise data to feed their online tools, where customers can find in-network providers in their region.

What other ways do insurance companies benefit, and which GIS services can those in the industry use to ensure error-free data? Read the blog at the link below.

How GIS Benefits the Insurance Industry

Onward to 2024 and Beyond

The future looks bright for mapping and location services. Technology continues to take quantum leaps, and we’re certain to have a lot more to write about in the coming year.

One area that persistently sees advancements: artificial intelligence (AI). While AI tools to create visual entertainment are taking most of the spotlight, AI also plays a role in geospatial and other location-based products and services. It offers location analytics, creates intelligent algorithms and more. Click the link below to access our eBook, The Fundamentals of Geospatial AI, to learn more. And we’ll see you in 2024!

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