How Real-Time Traffic Data Sources Influence Strategies and Outcomes

February 16, 2021

Traffic Data SourcesTraffic data can be parsed into a number of different categories — foot, air, marine, freight, supply chains — but, by and large, the most common type is vehicular traffic on typical road networks.1 As such, local governments, urban development authorities, and other professionals tasked with alleviating congestion and controlling flow depend on real-time traffic data sources to pinpoint solutions.

Beyond stabilizing geographic infrastructures lies retailers, marketers, manufacturers, and other industries that are increasingly dependent upon traffic data to manage behaviors and outcomes within their spheres of influence.

The pivotal role real-time traffic data plays gives one pause in considering the importance of accurately sourcing and accessing the information. Without a reliable source, even the most strategic plans can be skewed.

How to Get Real-Time Traffic Data

There is no shortage of options for GIS professionals seeking real-time traffic data APIs. Top providers like HERE, TomTom, INRIX, Wikiroutes, Waze, Uber Movement, and OpenStreetMap are all reputable sources for information surrounding particular traffic attributes, including:

  • Count: monitoring the number of vehicles on a given roadway or route
  • Flow: assessing patterns and earmarking changes over time
  • Speed: measuring averages through GPS or sensor/camera-based datasets
  • Congestion: indicating an imbalance of road capacity and vehicle usage
  • Incidents: reporting both current occurrences, anticipated and unanticipated changes, and those available through historical traffic data

Challenges and Solutions to Traffic Data Accuracy

Confidently accessing up-to-date traffic data and aligning it with your specific needs are common challenges in the traffic data arena.

Real-time traffic data APIs largely eliminate concerns about data accuracy. As the name implies, datasets are updated regularly to avoid gaps. However, understanding how to best apply the traffic data to use cases isn’t always as straightforward.

In these scenarios, partnering with a digital mapping expert and trusted reseller is a smart business decision. ADCi is the preferred choice when it comes to two of the top choices in real-time traffic data — HERE and TomTom. Our in-depth knowledge and cutting-edge access to the latest developments within these product groups give you a decided advantage in matching map data to your application for results that are timely and meaningful.

Real-time traffic data is an essential part of strategic initiatives within a number of industries. Working with a map data reseller amplifies the impact and advantages of incorporating map data with specific characteristics into your plans. Reach out to the ADCi team to discuss how we can help you reach your goals and to request HERE and TomTom traffic data samples.
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