What is TomTom Speed Camera Services?

March 16, 2021

TomTom Speed Camera informing GPSBusinesses, professional drivers and consumers rely on a wide range of in-dash and portable navigation systems and devices, mobile apps and fleet management systems to quickly and easily optimize routes, reduce overall mileage, improve productivity, comply with regulations and enjoy safer, more relaxed driving.

Governments all over the world are using a variety of cameras to enforce traffic regulations and speed limits, with a goal of reducing crash fatalities and making driving safer.

Speed Camera Services from TomTom can help developers deliver safer, more relaxed driving experiences by keeping drivers aware of what's ahead, while complying with varying local regulations as users move across jurisdictions. When drivers know well in advance of changing speed limits, enforcement zones and higher-risk driving areas, they can more safely manage speeds, avoid crashes and comply with laws and regulations.

TomTom’s Speed Camera Services include data from community input, third-party sources, government research, news feeds and field surveys. TomTom leverages its intelligent fusion process and patented algorithms to process the reports; the result is accurate, timely alerts about fixed speed and red-light cameras, speed enforcement zones, mobile camera hotspots, accident blackspots and more.

TomTom Speed Camera Services feature:

  • Global coverage – so users can rely on speed camera alerts around the world
  • Updated, verified coverage – TomTom processes more than one million mobile camera reports per month
  • Ability to use the data in portable navigation devices, in-dash navigation systems, fleet management systems and smartphone apps
  • Compliance with all legal restrictions
  • Delivery as a server-to-server bulk feed or as a hosted service delivered directly to devices

As an application developer, you can use data from TomTom’s Speed Camera Services to warn drivers about what is ahead on their route to reduce stress, increase safety and help them fully comply with speed and safety regulations, no matter where they’re driving.

Want to learn more how TomTom can help your application move forward? Consult with ADCi’s experts to choose the right data products to power your application. Contact ADCi today.


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