3 Reasons Fleet Managers Need TomTom MultiNet During the Pandemic

August 4, 2020

TomTom MultiNet for Fleet ManagersThe trucking industry is central to keeping the world safe and moving forward amid the global pandemic. However, as in every other industry, COVID-19 has presented unique obstacles as it continues to redefine the future.

Fleet managers are grappling with the moving target known as the “new normal.” Faced with working from home and social distancing restrictions, they can confidently turn to TomTom MultiNet to help them tackle new or heightened logistical challenges in three key areas.

1. Fleet Performance

Understanding how fleets are operating and making decisions to maximize effectiveness depends on comprehensive map data.

TomTom MultiNet provides Route, Find & Display to identify key information that aids in efficient routing, such as:

  • Junctions/lane connects
  • Low emission zones
  • Road networks and restrictions
  • Speed limits

2. Vehicle Location/Tracking

By nature of the job, fleet managers routinely supervise remote workers. However, COVID-19 is calling for an added layer of individual worker accountability for company vehicles and assets. It can lead to confusion.

TomTom MultiNet provides accurate, up-to-date map data that fleet managers need to:

  • Track vehicle locations in real time
  • Maintain fleet connectivity

3. Driver Safety

The demands placed on drivers are physically and mentally taxing, especially with the added stress of increased workloads resulting from pandemic-related needs. Fleet managers must remain vigilant and sensitive to drivers’ well-being to ensure on-road safety.

TomTom MultiNet allows fleet managers to make key decisions based on accurate map data, thereby alleviating much of the pressure felt by drivers on the road. Drivers are better able to stay focused and productive because of:

  • Optimized route planning
  • Precise route length calculations
  • Enhanced speed limit awareness — actual limits by street segment, and ranges by function class
  • Advance knowledge of on-route fueling and rest stops

Finding ways to remain nimble in a world facing unprecedented change is not easy, but tools like TomTom MultiNet are game changers for fleet management. Learn more about how to put its unparalleled road network coverage and up-to-date map data to work for you in TomTom MultiNet: A Handbook for GIS Professionals. Click the button below to access your copy now.
TomTom MultiNet Handbook for GIS Professionals

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