Add-on Content

TomTom offers a variety of additional content to support your geospatial needs:

  • 3D Landmarks & Landmark Icons (contact us for a sample): Enhances your map display with photo-realistic 3D representations of noteworthy structures and monuments. Comprehensive global coverage that is constantly updated and expanded.
  • Logistics (download sample): Comprehensive, global digital map database specifically designed for fleet owners and operators who manage large trucks and other road restricted vehicles. It helps save time and money by enabling large truck or fleet-specific routing solutions.
  • Speed Profiles (download sample): Contains aggregates of real speed data from millions of anonymous consumer GPS devices, providing true average speeds on individual road segments.
  • Address Points (download sample)Delivers the ultimate in geocoding accuracy by pinpointing discrete, actual street addresses to physical buildings or property parcels.

For more information on all of the TomTom products, contact us today!