Which API/SDK Providers Are My Best Options?

September 25, 2018

Map API/SDK ProvidersWe recently explored the pros and cons of free map APIs v. paid map APIs, which may have raised questions in the minds of some app developers about where they can turn to find trusted map APIs/SDKs. There is seemingly no shortage of map API/SDK resources but, as in most competitive marketplaces, not all providers are created equal.

An Overview of Top-Rated Providers

To save you time, guesswork and maybe some frustration, we’ve pulled together information on four map API/SDK providers that consistently rank near the top of recommendation lists:

HERE Platform APIs

HERE captures location content such as road networks and traffic patterns to help businesses and municipalities leverage automotive-grade map data for navigation, location-based services, enterprise applications and much more. Licensing HERE Platform Services provides access to a wide-ranging portfolio of practical functions that benefit applications including mobile asset management, telematics, geocoding, and more.

Google Maps API

Arguably the most recognizable name in digital mapping, Google Maps can be embedded onto mobile and traditional desktop web pages as well as some Intranet applications using JavaScript or a Flash interface to access functionalities such as language localization for more than 50 languages, region localization and geocoding.


TomTom offers a variety of cross-platform APIs to enhance mobile and web apps with search, routing, mapping, geocoding, traffic and navigation features. The TomTom Map SDK enables you to boost productivity with fully styleable and easily customizable components available for Web, Android and iOS.

Apple Maps (MapKit)

Apple Maps is a web mapping service developed by Apple inc., and is the default map system of iOS, macOS and watchOS that provides directions and estimated times of arrival for automobile, pedestrian and public transportation navigation. You can display map or satellite imagery directly from APIs, and use the MapKit framework to add annotations, overlays, points of interest and coordinates’ placemark information to your map.

Consider Resellers

Another option to consider is working with a digital map data and services reseller such as ADCi. Not only will you capitalize on efficiencies afforded by their expertise in aligning map solutions with your needs, licensing map APIs/SDKs through a reseller provides exclusive value-adds, including:

  • Responsive, seamless service from well-trained staff
  • Expertise in securing licensing that covers a range of external and internal applications
  • Technical support is available post-purchase, usually free of charge

Matching a map APIs/SDKs provider to your needs is as important as matching the data to your application. Aligning both will help remove guesswork and get you to the appropriate solution faster, as will the pointers you’ll find in our quick-reference tip sheet, 4 Steps Developers Must Take to Build Apps Using Map APIs. Click the button below to access your copy now.

Build Apps Using Map APIs

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