What You Need to Know Before Licensing Historical Traffic Data

April 6, 2021

TomTom Historical Traffic DataHistorical traffic data is among the most important information available to GIS professionals. As the Internet of Things (IoT) proliferates, “connected everything” becomes the norm, and urbanization adds layers of complexity and density to the landscape, location data’s power and importance have only grown.

Historical traffic data insights primarily inform decisions about how to decrease congestion and accidents, improve road safety, and enhance the overall driver experience. As such, the data illustrates how specific global geographies are navigated — essential information in economies largely structured around transport and commerce.

Like anything else, historical traffic data downloads and APIs are only as reliable as the source from which they originate. The richer the data, the more accurate the predictive intelligence they can deliver.

TomTom offers historical traffic data solutions trusted and used around the world to keep traffic — and business — flowing. Common use cases include measuring travel time, identifying congestion and bottlenecks, analyzing road speeds, and more.


TomTom Historical Traffic Data Products

Nearly 15 years of global GPS location data serves as the information-rich foundation for TomTom historical traffic data products. The carefully curated data is easily accessible via web app or API and powers:

  • O/D Analysis combines highly advanced technology and data visualization to help users leverage origin-destination points and other key data to create customized map flows, matrixes, and spatial Sankey diagrams.
  • Historical Traffic Stats is a database that houses and analyzes TomTom historical location data and provides traffic insights on speed, travel time, and sample size on the road network. Users can easily create and view customized reports regarding congestion, mobility pain points, road capacity, etc., in Shape, Excel, and KML file formats.

TomTom Historical Traffic Stats allows users 24/7 access to historical data via web portal or download.


Refine Data and Results with a Reseller Partner

ADCi is an authorized reseller of TomTom traffic data products. Our team’s depth of knowledge about the providers and products adds to the value our customers find in our digital map data and services expertise. We understand the nuances between traffic data product offerings, and the importance of choosing the right data product for your application.

We can quickly answer questions, unpack and address complex challenges, and provide guidance on the best solution for your needs in general, or on a case-by-case basis.

Contact the ADCi team to learn more the key factors when considering historical traffic data APIs, licensing availability, and the many ways we support GIS professionals just like you.


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