How the HERE Integration Into Amazon Web Services Benefits Developers

August 13, 2019

HERE and Amazon Web ServicesThanks to the evolving relationship between HERE and Amazon Web Services (AWS), developers within the AWS environment have grown accustomed to self-serve access to HERE location APIs and services through their existing AWS accounts. The convenience alone makes for significant time and cost efficiencies, and now, there’s even more for developers to love about the HERE/AWS partnership.

Why? HERE has fully integrated its powerful suite of SLA-backed location services into the AWS Marketplace, making it easy and cost-effective for developers to bring enterprise-grade, location-aware intelligence to their AWS applications and solutions.

Simplified Application Development

HERE’s AWS Marketplace integration provides a full range of location services capabilities that developers routinely use when:

  • Designing applications that require geolocation
  • Creating traffic- and road-condition-aware routing solutions
  • Building fleet management tools to move global assets with extreme precision

Plan Availability

The HERE location services portfolio of REST and JavaScript APIs is available as part of the Freemium Plan (250,000 monthly transactions), the fee-based Pro Plan (1 million transactions per month) and custom plans available through ADCi. Each plan offers:

  • Geocoding and Search

    • Geocoder (forward and reverse) that converts street addresses to coordinates and vice-versa using batch, auto-correction processing
    • Places allows users to search, explore, and interact with Points of Interest (POIs)
  • Maps

    • Map Image accesses and optimizes pre-rendered map images for desktop and mobile
    • Map Tile displays fresh daytime map tiles and live-traffic tiles in multiple styles
    • Venue Maps are available through image tiles or/in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)
    • Weather includes real-time astronomical forecasts
  • Navigation and Routing

    • Routing leverages matrix and isoline routing algorithms to generate precise instructions to destinations using various transport modes (car, truck, public transit, bicycle)
    • Public Transit accesses transmit routing features like search, next departure, and access points
    • Intermodal Routing gives alternative routes to final destinations based on drive, park, ride, and walk transportation formats
    • Traffic accesses real-time traffic flow incident data in eXtensible Markup Language (XML) and JSON
  • Fleet Telematics

    • Work with geofences and custom locations, or build custom routes
    • Integrate advanced HERE data sets
    • Route matching GPS traces
    • Calculate an optimal sequence of waypoints
    • Determine toll costs along a route

Currently, developers worldwide are finding how simple and seamless it is to use HERE location APIs and services within the AWS Marketplace, with more discovering the benefits of the HERE/AWS partnership every day. Is HERE the right digital map provider for you? Find out using our infographic, HERE vs. Google Maps: Comparing Map API Attributes. Click the button below to get started.

HERE vs. Google Maps Infographic

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