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Accurately Predict Routes and Estimate ETAs with TomTom Speed Profiles

April 23, 2019
TomTom Speed Profiles

On today’s congested roadways, drivers often turn to mapping applications to find and follow the most efficient way of getting from Point A to Point B. Mapping applications can be valuable solutions — but only if they are enabled by accurate [...]

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Why Map Data is Critical to the Insurance Industry

April 16, 2019
Map Data for Insurance

The insurance industry is premised on evaluating, assuming, and mitigating risk in exchange for certain protections. Technology has enabled better insights and granular analytics that insurers increasingly rely upon to manage risk, specifically [...]

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CASE STUDY: Africa Profiler and ADC WorldMap Help Companies Leverage Industry 4.0

April 9, 2019
Africa Profiler-ADC WorldMap Case Study

Industry 4.0 continues to reshape markets and industries, making the world a smaller, more interconnected place. Many companies are leaning into the opportunities the new technological sphere presents — especially those in Africa.

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