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15 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About ADCi

November 27, 2018
ADCi 30th Anniversary

ADCi has been providing digital map data and services to engineers, GIS professionals and developers for three decades! Our 30th anniversary celebration gave us an opportunity to reflect on just how far we’ve come since 1988, and we’re inviting [...]

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How and Why TomTom MultiNet Benefits GIS Professionals

November 13, 2018
TomTom MultiNet

For more than a decade, GIS professionals have relied upon TomTom MultiNet to deliver high-quality map data with:

  • Unsurpassed accuracy and currency
  • Highly accurate geocoding match rates
  • Seamless street network with names, classes, ramp [...]
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Key Benefits of Switching from Traditional Map Data to APIs

November 6, 2018
Map Data to APIs

Licensing map data for any number of uses — fleet management, geocoding, route optimization, etc., — also means assuming responsibility for data storage, security and maintenance. Meeting these responsibilities can be a burden on staff and [...]

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