Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I license data from ADCi?

For over 30 years ADCi has specialized in providing digital mapping products and services. During that time we have helped hundreds of customers in every market successfully secure the correct data and license for their mapping application. Our knowledgeable, friendly staff help you get started and answer any questions along the way.

ADCi delivers maps to your specifications. We supply you with data for the geographic area you require (single or multiple counties, states/provinces or entire countries). ADCi delivers vector data, which can be manipulated and edited for your specific application.

What software platforms do ADCi maps work with?

Depending on the product being licensed, ADCi provides data in:

  • Esri formats
    • Shape (.shp)
    • File Geodatabase (.gdb)
  • MapInfo (.TAB)
  • Oracle 12g Spatial
    • Transportable Tablespaces
    • Dump/import
  • AutoCAD (.dwg)

We also license the HERE Platform, which is map data from HERE (formerly NAVTEQ) that can be accessed via API.

What kinds of data do you have available?

  • ADC WorldMap – a worldwide digital atlas.
  • HERE (formerly NAVTEQ) – street map data for many applications including Fleet Management, GIS and Geocoding
  • TomTom MultiNet – street map content for many applications including Fleet Management, GIS and AutoCAD
  • Carrier Routes – USPS carrier route data
  • Parcel Data – ParcelPoint data from CoreLogic
  • PLSS – Public Land Survey System

Will ADCi data work with my data I already have?

Yes, just let us know the file format and coordinate system of your current map data and we’ll match it.

Can maps be customized to our specifications?

If you require customization just let us know and we will work with you to get your data delivered according to your specifications. Available customizations include: file types, coordinate systems, colors, names, and layers.

How often is the data updated?

  • ADC WorldMap: annually
  • HERE (formerly NAVTEQ): quarterly
  • TomTom: quarterly
  • Carrier Routes: monthly

Do you have samples available?

Samples of ADCi’s products are available on our website.

How do I order?

Contact us to determine the data product(s) appropriate for your project. We will then email you an end-user license agreement with terms of use, order specifications, pricing details and delivery time. You will need to sign the license agreement and send it back to us along with payment information. Once we have both, we will begin processing your data immediately. When the data is complete, it is either posted to our FTP site for electronic downloading or delivered via FedEx on a DVD or hard drive.

Why am I not seeing certain layers in my delivery referenced in the documentation?

The help file provided with your data describes all layers available for each product.  Depending on the license you choose, your shipment may not contain all the layers or fields listed.