The TomTom Telecommunications Suite offers the most precise, up-to-date telecommunications geography products in the industry. Multiple data sources ensure accuracy and coast-to-coast coverage across the five products make that make up TomTom’s Telecommunications Suite.

Product Options:

  • Wire Center Premium (download sample): a comprehensive database for mapping and analyzing wire center service areas. This product is the backbone of the TomTom Telecommunications Suite and it includes:
    • Wire center boundaries
    • Wire center points
    • Area code and prefix data
    • Carrier-type
    • Wire center local table and wire center switch table
  • Rate Center (Exchange) Boundaries (download sample): depicts the geographic boundaries that define local calls within rate centers throughout the US.
  • Numbering Plan Area (NPA) Boundaries (download sample): provides a complete listing of the boundary of every NPA in use for end-office destination codes on the public-switched telecommunications network.
  • Local Access Transport Area (LATA) Boundaries (download sample): depicts the unique geographies created by the FCC following the divestiture of AT&T’s local exchange operations.
  • Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier (ILEC) Boundaries (download sample): provides a macro view of the communications landscape, showing the service area region for every telecommunications operating company.

All of the above products are updated on a quarterly basis. To learn more about the TomTom Telecommunications Suite, contact ADCi today.