Fleet Management

Whether moving people or moving goods, responding to emergencies or delivering packages, getting vehicles to their appointed destinations is a top priority for fleet managers. Doing so efficiently means relying on proven tools — and TomTom MultiNet is a preferred choice for industries and market segments that run the gamut from enterprise to automotive. TomTom MultiNet has rich, detailed layers that are updated quarterly to:

  • Aid in the development of global location-based applications by providing detailed coverage of more than 150 countries and 30 territories 
  • Ensure high-quality data sourced from trillions of anonymous GPS measurements, government and private sources, satellite and aerial imagery, mobile mapping data, and field analysis
  • Speed up time to market through one global specification

TomTom MultiNet Benefits

TomTom MultiNet’s unparalleled road network coverage provides the accurate, up-to-date map data that fleet managers need for:

  • Focused routing and related decision making 
  • In-depth business analysis
  • Real-time vehicle location tracking and fleet connectivity
  • A safer, more productive workforce
  • Fuel consumption and cost cutbacks

MultiNet Use Cases

TomTom MultiNet is ideal for fleet managers since the map data can be used for tracking assets, calculating routes and optimizing routes for one or more assets to multiple locations.

  • Tracking (download sample): Locating an asset and displaying the asset’s location on a map.
  • Routing (download sample): Calculate the path between two or more points.
  • Route Optimization (download sample): Planning the routes of one or more assets to multiple locations.

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Make your fleet management application even more effective with this add-on TomTom map content:

  • Logistics (download sample): A comprehensive, global digital map database of large truck or fleet-specific routing solutions specially designed for fleet owners and operators who manage large trucks and other road-restricted vehicles.
  • Speed Profiles (download sample): An aggregate of real speed data from millions of anonymous consumer GPS devices that provides true average speeds on individual road segments.
  • Address Points (download sample): Pinpoints discrete, actual street addresses to physical buildings or property parcels for the ultimate in geocoding accuracy.

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