HERE Traffic

HERE collects billions of GPS data points every day and leverages over 100 different incident sources to provide a robust foundation for traffic services. Information is collected from a variety of devices across the globe including:

  • Vehicle sensor data
  • Smartphones
  • PNDs
  • Road sensors
  • Connected cars

Once the data is collected, it is processed through HERE’s industry-leading traffic engine, which is continuously updating the data every 60 seconds. 

Product Options:

  • Real Time Traffic: Delivers continuously updated information about traffic conditions through dynamic content feeds (XML feed). Traffic data is aggregated and analyzed from a sophisticated mix of sources, including probe data, fixed sensors, government sources and billions of historical traffic records, to accurately reflect real-world road conditions.
  • Traffic Patterns: Average historical speed values provided in 15 minute intervals, for a typical day on both motorways and arterial roads. The data is created using billions of GPS probe points from multiple years, which is aggregated, verified and then geo-referenced to TMC Codes or Link IDs in the HERE Map Data. Traffic Patterns provides the foundation for alternate route features and more accurate drive time estimates for logistics and navigation products.
  • Traffic Analytics Speed Data: A database of over one trillion GPS data points. This data is available across 100% of the roads in 57 countries. Users can select the area, time span and level of statistical detail. Truck speed data is also available

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