HERE can put the ‘geo’ in your marketing strategy. Use HERE Map Data in your geomarketing application to analyze, model and display geographic, demographic, census or behavioral data. HERE powers your geomarketing application to help make better business decisions regarding market analysis, customer prospecting and segmentation, sales territory analysis and definition, and commercial/retail site selection. Available products include:

  • HERE Standard: Data for geocoding applications – includes street data, block and actual address ranges and POIs.
  • Postal Code Points: This product gives you a full postal code for a given area, links that code to X, Y coordinates using the median of the postcode location, and places that code precisely using highly accurate HERE street map data. This product provides useful alternative match in cases where an address-level match is not required or available. Products available include US Zip+4 and Canada LDUs.
  • Postal Code Boundaries: This product is perfect for coarse level marketing and demographic analysis. Making it an ideal choice for geomarketing and thematic mapping applications. Postal Code Boundaries can also provide excellent visual displays to help bring data to life. Rich and detailed Postal Code Boundaries include features such as postal code type, city and name associations. Products available include US 5-Digit Zip and Canada FSA Boundaries.

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