Fleet Management

Use HERE Map Data to power your fleet or mobile asset management applications. Data can be licensed for use in your own internal application or for use in a fleet management application that is licensed to your customers. The accuracy of HERE allows for tracking, routing and optimization of mobile assets:

  • Tracking: Locate an asset, reverse geocoding the location of the asset, displaying the location of the asset on a map and viewing historical movement of the asset.
  • Routing: Calculate the order of destinations, waypoints and/or routes for an asset.
  • Optimization: Calculate the order of destinations, waypoints and/or routes for an asset. Optimization takes into account the availability of other assets in the fleet.

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Additional HERE Map Data suitable for your fleet management application:

  • Speed Limits: Enables applications to advise users against violation of traffic restrictions and warn users about maximum posted speed on a road. The product can also be used to improve arrival time estimations and to allow for more choices in route selection.
  • Real Time Traffic: Delivers continuously updated information about traffic conditions through dynamic content feeds (XML), available in 44 countries worldwide. Traffic data is aggregated and analyzed to accurately reflect real-world road conditions. The traffic data sources including probe data, fixed sensors, government sources and billions of historical traffic records.
  • Traffic Patterns : Database of average historical speed values for a typical day derived from billions of multiple-year, vehicle speed observations. The data is geo-referenced to TMC Codes or Link IDs in the HERE Map Content. Traffic Patterns provides the foundation for alternate route features and more accurate drive time estimates for logistics and navigation products.
  • Signs, Signals & Warnings : Collection of road regulations or situations that require special attention. Enables applications to warn drivers of upcoming locations with special conditions. It can also be used to improve route calculations (e.g. taking steep conditions or sharp curves into consideration) or to avoid high accident areas.
  • Trucks : Allows customers to develop a wide range of solutions to support the transportation and logistics industry for both truck management and the truck driver. This product enables sophisticated truck navigation as well as routing and dispatch optimization. Data features: legal restrictions, environmental zones, hazmat, warnings, physical restrictions, truck POIs, distance markers and loading dock locations.

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