Add-on Content

HERE offers a variety of additional content to support your geospatial needs:

  • Point Addressing (download sample): A point, adjusted to the road, to provide a precise address location. Enables the highest level of destination selection and “to the door” arrival accuracy. Resolves non-standard address issues in countries where non-sequential numbering is used or where address ranges do not exist.
  • Speed Limits (download sample): Enables applications to advise users against violation of traffic restrictions and warn users about maximum posted speed on a road. Speed Limit data can also be used to improve arrival time estimations and to allow for more choices in route selection.
  • Trucks (download sample): Database of relevant attributes for the logistics management industry and truck drivers. Allows customers to develop a wide range of solutions to support the transportation and logistics industry for both truck management and the truck driver. Enables sophisticated truck navigation as well as routing and dispatch optimization. Data features:
    • Legal restrictions – detailed information on exact areas or roads where certain legal restrictions apply
    • Environmental Zones – areas where access restrictions apply to certain vehicles or trucks due to environmental reasons
    • Hazmat – areas or roads where transport of hazardous materials is prohibited
    • Warnings – detailed information on the exact location and sign warning of certain road conditions that apply to trucks
    • Physical Restrictions – areas where access restrictions apply to certain vehicles or trucks due to physical dimensions
    • Truck POIs – contains information about fuel stations for trucks, including lower emission fuels and additives, as well as valuable and practical information about special truck facilities
    • Distance Markers – detailed information on the exact location and sign number of road distance indicators
    • Loading Dock Locations – actual location of loading and unloading docks at buildings, truck entrance locations and associated geometry
    • Truck Preferred Routes – identifies links a being part of a preferred route for trucks
  • Signs, Signals & Warnings (download sample): Collection of road regulations or situations that require special attention. Enables applications to warn drivers of upcoming locations with special conditions. It can also be used to improve route calculations (e.g. taking steep conditions or sharp curves into consideration) or to avoid high accident areas.
  • Census Boundaries (download sample): Boundaries for selected geographic areas within a country that are defined by the country’s office census authority. Census Boundaries enable Census FIPS codes to be used to join demographic data from secondary providers, and then used for geomarketing and site selection applications.

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