HERE Location Services

HERE Location Services or HERE APIs deliver fresh, high-quality global location-based services making it fast and easy to bring location-intelligence products and services to the market. The foundation of the HERE APIs is the highly accurate, detailed and comprehensive HERE Map Data, which is intelligently integrated and made available via a differentiated set of HERE Location Services.

Features and Functionality:

  • Maps – freshest, highest quality maps and fastest map rendering
  • Directions – intelligent routing with accurate, reliable directions
  • Places – millions of point addresses and places worldwide
  • Geocoder – precise, accurate and complete address information
  • Traffic – the world’s most comprehensive source of traffic data
  • Transit – a complete door-to-door transit experience
  • Visualization – rapid data visualization on the world’s best map

A rich set of HERE Location Services Extensions is also available. These extensions offer a customizable experience by giving access to data sets and functionalities that can be tailored to your specific use case. Extend the functionality of your application beyond mapping with extensions.


  • Platform Data Extension (PDE) – an incremental set of HERE Map Content, including speed limits
  • Route Match Extension – a robust set of tools which make exploiting massive GPS trace data not just possible, but also accurate
  • Waypoints Sequence Extension – calculates the optimal sequence of any given waypoints along a route, while optimizing for time or distance traveled
  • Custom Location Extension – enables storage, management and retrieval of any custom-owned POIs and polygons
  • Toll Cost Extension – provides accurate calculation of toll costs for a route
  • Geofencing Extension – used to define specific areas on a map to be monitored with reference to any moving asset that is equipped with a way to report their location

Access to HERE Location Services is enabled through a powerful and easy-to-use set of APIs which allow for fast and efficient creation of highly innovative, differentiated and customized location-based experiences. Data is delivered either as JavaScript APIs for easy application development or RESTful web services for highly customized experiences.

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