Mapmaking Made Easier with HERE XYZ

February 11, 2020

HERE XYZMaps are a powerful way to tell a story and illustrate spatial relationships. However, oftentimes developers and cartographers find wrangling map data to be overwhelming.

HERE Technologies offers a simple solution to what can be a complex and frustrating problem! HERE XYZ, included as part of the Freemium plan, is a collection of tools and APIs that allows for easy management of map data and custom builds of location-aware live apps without writing any code.

HERE XYZ product features include:

  • XYZ Studio, a GUI map editor that assists developers and cartographers in:
    • Creating interactive maps and managing large location data sets without coding or setting up an infrastructure
    •  Adding open data sets in different formats
    • Customizing map colors and marker
    • Publishing a map in minutes
  • Command Line Interface (HERE CLI), a flexible node.js tool that gives developers and cartographers greater control over:
    • Entering actions
    • Interacting with the API
    • Creating, managing, editing, and sharing data sets
  • HERE XYZ Hub, a powerful RESTful API, is a cloud service that simplifies map data access. As such, developers and cartographers have ready capabilities in:
    • Performing granular geospatial functions
    • Uploading, editing and publishing geospatial data

Functionality and Flexibility

HERE XYZ offers so much more than world-class functionality. The tools and APIs are a versatile fit for:

  • Third-party renderers such as Tangram and Leaflet
  • Base maps generated in HERE Maps or OpenStreetMap
  • The popular GIS system QGIS via plugin

HERE XYZ gives developers and cartographers opportunities to easily improve the user experience. Its innovative use of map data complements the solutions offered by HERE Location Services, as detailed in our Fact Sheet. Click the button below to download your copy!

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