TomTom Administrative Areas

January’s product spotlight is on TomTom MultiNet Administrative Areas. Let’s check out what this dataset offers:

  • Highly detailed and accurate boundaries of municipal (i.e. incorporated places) and census defined geographic divisions
  • Available for the United States and Canada
  • Extends the reach of the MultiNet street map data by providing boundary and point representations of municipal and census districts down to the most detailed level available

Features include:

  • Complete coverage of the U.S. and Canada census geography down to the lowest levels
  • Fully featured, integrated dataset supporting excellent point-in-polygon analysis
  • Linkage to MultiNet street map data, assuring node-to-node overlay

Data layers:

  • United States:
    • State
    • County
    • Tract
    • Block Group
    • Block
    • Place
    • MCD
    • CBSA
  • Canada:
    • Province
    • Census Division
    • Census Subdivision
    • Dissemination Area

MultiNet Administrative Areas data is available in Shapefile format (other formats available upon request) with quarterly releases. This data is helpful for many application including: demographic analysis, taxation, banking compliance and thematic mapping.

Download a sample of the US or Canada data to learn more.

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