Postal Code Products

HERE Postal Code Products is a suite of data layers with a unique value for GIS managers, marketing professionals, fleet operators and government agencies. HERE Postal Code Boundaries and Postal Code Points enable visual display and data analysis for both geodemographic and geomarketing applications. With Postal Code Boundaries and Postal Code Points, you can gain insight into customers, markets, operations and opportunities by utilizing mapping and location information to quickly analyze data and make decisions based on changing conditions.

Postal Code Points (download sample): Represents the center point of the most current (full) postal code within the highly accurate context of HERE Map Data. This product provides useful alternative match in cases where an address-level match is not required or available. A single coordinate acts as the representative location of all the addresses that share the same unit postcode. Available in nine countries globally.

Postal Code Boundaries (download sample): Perfect for coarse level marketing and demographic analysis. Provides point representations and boundaries for country postal systems. Data is aligned with HERE Map Data and includes features such as the Postal Code Type. Available in 62 countries globally.

Postal Code Boundaries and Postal Code Points help you make informed decisions for a range of applications, including:

  • Business intelligence applications
  • Geomarketing
  • Thematic mapping
  • Territory definition

Postal Code Boundaries and Postal Code Points are valuable products for today’s world. They bring together unique postal code information with highly accurate HERE Map Data.

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