Case Study: GFI Systems, Inc.

GFI Systems, IncGeneral Information:

  • Company name: GFI Systems, Inc.
  • Website:
  • Industry: Software Development
  • Product name (that uses HERE Platform): Latitude and AppTrack

Business Issue or Challenge:
Prior to using the HERE Platform, we housed all our road data and GIS data on our own Postgres servers. This required a large commitment of time and resources to maintain the datasets, plus the cost of the data and data storage. As our business continued to grow and expand into more geographical locations, the cost and time to maintain the data expanded as well.
We needed a way to leverage third party GIS data that was easy to integrate. We also needed data that was up-to-date and accurate. Further, we faced two challenges in that our clients have come to expect:

  1. Road surface data to differentiate speed policy enforcement.
  2. Since our remote devices send in approximately 60 times more data than our competitors, we needed to use a service that would handle the number of road queries needed to maintain our clients’ stringent demands with respect to safety enforcement and behavior based driver safety.

“Using the HERE Platform allowed us to save thousands of dollars in database storage and development costs while increasing road data accuracy to our end users.” – Jeremy Crossman, CEO

The HERE Platform allowed us to quickly integrate the new road data into our system with minimal effort. We were able to easily replace our old road queries with the HERE APIs. This solution allows us to focus on continuing to provide a reliable service to our clients with up-to-date road data. We no longer have the overhead of maintaining servers and updating datasets. One of the main benefits of the HERE solution is that it provides us with granular level road information such as surface, speed class and posted speed limit.

About GFI Systems, Inc.:
GFI Systems Inc. was founded in 2002 to commercialize the Research and Development efforts of the company’s extensive product development in the telematics industry started in 1992 by SOO Smartmap. GFI started as a paper mapping company in Regina Saskatchewan and quickly adapted it’s customized digitization software to incorporate the use of G.P.S technologies, and soon after the addition of wireless communication. The digitizing efforts expunged upon in the early years gave GFI a leg up in the industry by being the first company to be able to efficiently locate LSDs (Legal Sub Divisions) throughout Western Canada in sub second time with an accuracy of only a few meters on mobile digital maps connected wirelessly to central dispatch locations. This had a huge impact on and laid the groundwork for future applications being used in emergency services throughout Western Canada. From there, GFI has had a long history as an industry leader who’s solutions are often sought after by competitors. By 2004, GFI was offering one of the world’s first SaaS models and released their entirely cloud based platform to their client base. GFI continues to offer best in class, customized software products and solutions with the philosophy that software should adapt to the needs of the end-user as opposed to the end-user adapting to the software.

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