v7.7 Release

ADC WorldMap v7.7 will be released in early November 2020. Here are some highlights included in this release:

  • Flexible licensing – ADCi will work with you on licensing the Whole Earth, a volume, a country or even certain layers of ADC WorldMap
  • The data now contains over 45,000 Admin 2 boundaries. With this release, Admin 2 boundaries were added in :
    • Algeria
    • Kenya
    • Mongolia
  • The  Admin 3 layer now has over 84,000 boundaries. With this release we added over 11,000 Admin 3 boundaries across 4 countries:
    • Austria
    • Belgium
    • France
    • Poland
  • Added over 42,000 points to the Utilities layer
  • Up-to-date World Nation and Admin 1 boundaries for the entire world

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