Map Resources

Map Resources, a global graphics company specializing in the creation of map images, needed a product that could deliver broad and consistent world-wide data. ADC WorldMap filled this need with data spanning country and sub-country details, and global views. A partner for more than 10 years, Bob Dahl, President of Map Resources feels that ADC WorldMap blends price and data consistency for an all-around premier value.

“A few companies may offer slightly more comprehensive data – but we’d pay 10 times more. ADC WorldMap allows us to deliver the map detail our customers expect, at a fair price.”

ADC WorldMap doesn’t just deliver sound digital data; its knowledgeable technical support team has earned Map Resource’s praise. Support inquiry responses are timely, providing Dahl with what he feels are straight answers. In addition, Map Resources especially credits ADC WorldMap’s flexible licensing agreements as a key element to their sound partnership.

“We didn’t have to license every volume of ADC WorldMap, they customized our data package to fit better into our project work flow for a nominal cost, which makes a huge difference in the quality and utility of our product.”